I’m a highly capable UI, digital and print graphic designer UK with 18 years of experience. My skills allow me to adapt to creative as well as artwork roles; I am flexible, committed and fanatical about detail and accuracy.

I have been fortunate to gather a vast amount of experience and skills in a short period of time and this has resulted in an extensive freelance graphic design portfolio. I am able to work as an individual, as part of a team, with marcoms as well stakeholders and CEO’s.

My skill set includes PowerPoint Presentations, UI, online digital and print design, branding, packaging design, artwork, strategic planning and management. I’m always pushing the boundaries of design and I can work to any client budget.

Click here to see my latest PowerPoint Presentation and Deck Design show reel

I am located in Nottingham, Leicester and Derby but I can work as a graphic designer anywhere within the UK or internationally*.

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