PowerPoint Presentation designPowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote, InDesign and slideshare

I simply help you tell a story using beautiful copy, design, colour and motion.

By telling a story you can convey ideas, thoughts and emotions to their audience.

I appreciate the fact that for most of us standing before an audience and delivering a speech or presentation is a daunting task. But there are ways in which we can manage the challenge, there are generally 4 types of speaking: To inform, persuade, actuate and entertain. The brain can process visual information considerably faster than text based data and what we see has a profound effect on what we do, how we feel, and who we are. I create presentations that connect with the audience and which transmit your ideas with strength and conviction

I like to adapt to your way of working but the below will give you an idea of how together we can create powerful presentations.


  • Design presentations for both Mac’s and Windows computers
  • I am are familiar in using branding guidelines to create presentations
  • I can produce presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, Indesign PDF, Keynote and Slideshare
  • I can illustrate presentations for you and create bespoke infographics
  • I will advise you on how to create your story or journey
  • Images can be supplied
  • Presentations can be designed to work on all mobile and tablet platforms
  • I keep everything private and confidential
  • If you request changes they are normally completed within 24hrs
  • Would you like me to work from your offices? We can make this happen just ask!

step-1Step 1

Vision: I spend a little or a lot of time understanding what the purpose of this presentation is and how it integrates into the overall company vision

step_2Step 2

Specification: Once I have a clear vision we examine and define the story or journey, branding guidelines, content, stakeholders involved, technical limits and application of the presentation

step-3Step 3

Foundation: I can now get to work creating a down-to-earth wire frame of the presentation which we normally turnaround with 24-48hrs. This document will give you an idea of flow, content layout, headings and copy as well as margins, application of typography, colours and branding. This document is your opportunity to make as many changes as you like to the flow, content and layout. The end result is a presentation which is provisionally perfect.

step4Step 4

Creative: Now I can start to apply colours, typography, branding guidelines, images, graphics and movement. The various elements come together and the presentation now starts to take shape. I provide you with a 1st draft presentation which you can make changes to and we turn those changes around normally within 24-48hrs. If you need it completed earlier I can speed up the process…its entirely up to you.

a Beautiful example of a prezi presentation

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This is how a Slideshare presentation looks

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